What is revolutionizing the global building industry?
Industrialized Wood-Based Construction.

A confluence of global drivers including ESG, carbon sequestration, labor shortages, offsite productivity and digitalization are fueling a surge in demand for panelized and volumetric modular solutions with mass timber and light framing.

IWBC is where wood-based offsite construction’s suppliers, buyers and specifiers meet to explore opportunities, exchange ideas and introduce technologies to move this industry forward. Opportunities and advancements in integrated, offsite, wood-based manufacturing explained by the experts.

IWBC 2021, October 26—27.

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Offsite’s rise since IWBC’s 2018 launch

In the words of McKinsey, “Industrialized construction is reshaping the world’s largest ecosystem.” Along with other big shifts, it’s forcing a reimagining of an enormous legacy industry that has seen scant disruption in more than a century.

What’s driving this new epoch

The move to industrialized construction is being propelled by the growing housing shortage, the ever-increasing scarcity of skilled labor and by the urgent need to reduce embodied carbon emissions. It is being enabled by technological innovations in building materials, design and manufacturing software. The future holds boundless creative possibilities and we are seeing significant new investments by large players like Google, Walmart and Wall Street.

Construction is changing for the better

IWBC 2021 is an absolute must-attend for anyone connected to the commercial, industrial or residential construction industries. Industrialized construction’s surge, powered in part by a new ESG (environmental, social and governance) ethos among business and investors, is an opportunity without equal. If you’ve been dwelling on the edges of this revolution, now is the time to join it, push it and profit by it.

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