Tracks and Topics
Track 1
Systems as Solutions
Track 2
Integrate, Collaborate, Digitize
Track 3
Potential, Performance, Practicalities
Session 1
Panel Discussion

How Will COVID-19 Affect
Offsite Construction?

Will it be a safer work environment? How will COVID affect demand for multifamily, hospitality, student housing, schools and office buildings

Standardization & Mass Customization
How to combine the efficiency of offsite manufacturing without sacrificing design freedom
Environmental Impact
Timber as a sustainable building material
How can wood reduce environmental degradationHow carbon offset can be monetized?
Session 2
The Case for Mass Timber Construction
What are the sweet spots for mass timber construction? What structure types? What range of story heights?
Integrating the Supply Chain
Integration of design, procurement, offsite fabrication, delivery and site assembly
Building Codes & Fire Safety
Impact of new tall wood ICC and BC codes. Code acceptance of light frame offsite construction. Fire safety: how to mitigate the impact of fire on life, safety & property
Session 3
The Case for Modular Construction
The relative economics of volumetric modular in light timber-frame, steel construction, or CLT shells. What does speed mean to the developer?
Mechanization & Automation
How does cutting-edge manufacturing technology drive or enable offsite construction? Where and when should it be employed? Are you getting a reasonable return on your investment?
Addressing Challenges in Mass Timber Design & Construction
The importance of getting in early; How to design a mass timber building that maximizes yield in the factory; Strategies to address code challenges
Session 4
The Case for Panelized Construction
In what situations do panelized solutions make more sense than modular?
Generative Design & Offsite Construction
What will be the impact of generative design on the built environment? Will generative design level the playing field with steel and concrete?
Financing Offsite Construction
The hurdles that early adopters face in finding institutional sources of capital to finance their projects.