Tracks and Topics
Track 1
Systems as Solutions
Track 2
Integrate, Collaborate, Digitize
Track 3
Potential, Performance and Practicalities
Session 1
The Case for Mass Timber Construction
What are the sweet spots for mass timber construction? What structure types? What range of story heights?
Standardization & Mass Customization
How to combine the efficiency of offsite manufacturing without sacrificing design freedom
Environmental Impact
Timber as a sustainable building materiat. How can wood reduce environmental degradation? How carbon offset can be monetized.
Session 2
The Case for Modular Construction
The relative economics of volumetric modular in light timber-frame, steel construction, or CLT shells. What does speed mean to the developer?
Integrating the Supply Chain
Integration of design, procurement, offsite fabrication, delivery and site assembly
Building Codes & Fire Safety
Impact of new tall wood ICC and BC codes. Code acceptance of light frame offsite construction. Fire safety: how to mitigate the impact of fire on life, safety & property
Session 3
The Case for Panelized Construction
In what situations do panelized solutions make more sense than modular
Mechanization & Automation
How does cutting-edge manufacturing technology drive or enable offsite construction? Where and when should it be employed? Are you getting a reasonable return on your investment?
Financing Offsite Construction
The hurdles that early adopters face in finding institutional sources of capital to finance their projects
Session 4
Wood-based Hybrid Construction
How offsite wood-based construction can integrate with non-wood building systems?
Generative Design & Offsite Construction
What will be the impact of generative design on the built environment?
Educating GCs, Architects and Engineers
How to change negative perceptions through education. What is taught; what needs to be taught from architectural design to structural engineering and design for manufacturing.