Tracks and Topics
Track 1
Systems as Solutions
Track 2
Adapt, Integrate, Collaborate
Track 3
Potential, Performance and Practicalities
Session 1
Financing Offsite Construction
Was 2018 an investment inflection point? Financing construction innovators. Are lending practices keeping up with the offsite trend?
Educating General Contractors, Architects and Engineers – Panel
What is taught; what needs to be taught
Environmental Impacts of Wood Based Construction
How carbon offset can be monetized; implications for state and city procurement policies; how the industry can step up its lobbying
Session 2
The Case for Modular Construction
Examining the economics of volumetric modular in both light frame and with CLT shells. A close look at how speed affects ROI for the developer.
Re-engineering the Supply Chain
Integration of design, procurement, offsite fabrication, delivery and site assembly
Building Codes & Fire Safety
Impact of new tall wood ICC and BC codes. Acceptance of offsite light frame construction by building inspectors across North America? Fire safety: How to mitigate the impact of fire on life, safety and property.
Session 3
“Super-Subs” vs. “End to End”
Where does each make the most sense? How will the industry evolve?
Robotics & Artificial Intelligence
Augmented reality, virtual reality and robotics for the offsite construction industry
Today’s state-of-the-art, in terms of how structures can be built
Design & procedure standards for offsite volumetric construction
Session 4
Business Case for Industrialized Wood Based Construction
Unleashing productivity gains, seen in other industries; changing financial models
Integrated Team Structure & Digital Process Workflows for Effective Project Delivery
Aligning the interests of stakeholders and team members in order to integrate their work for optimal project performance
Standardization & Mass Customization
How to combine efficiency of manufacturing without sacrificing design freedom. How kits of component parts can mitigate the “one-off ” problem