End to End with Design-Make-Build
A conversation with Ben Tabolt, Director Plan Services, MiTek

How is modular hotel construction financed?

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MiTek empowers its customers to improve the way they design, make and build. Listen to Ben Tabolt, MiTek’s Director of Plan Services, describe how Mitek is putting Design-Make-Build into action, with a holistic approach centered around digital design with offsite manufacturing in mind.

BIM, digital twinning, VR, AR, automated drafting, fabrication are among the many services MiTek provides. Ben goes into great detail on the benefits of a vertically integrated, collaborative construction model.

Ben Tabolt is Director of Plan Services for MiTek. Prior to MiTek, he Founded CDG Project Studio, company focused on BIM and Revit training. Ben is also currently a Vice President of The American Institute of Building Design.

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