Andy Shanahan

Senior Project Manager/Code Consultant
WB Engineers+Consultants

Andy Shanahan has extensive expertise in codes/standards compliance evaluations and consultation, and fire protection systems design. He has provided these services for a myriad of project types including several mass timber projects. This experience has provided significant experience on how these structures can be built within the fire protection/life safety requirements of the applicable codes.

Breakout Presentation Topic:
Addressing Challenges of Mass Timber Design and Construction

Mass timber construction has the potential to transform the way we build – dramatically reducing the carbon footprint of our buildings, shortening construction schedules through offsite prefabrication, and creating biophilic environments with exposed natural wood. But challenges abound, particularly in controlling the cost, addressing code concerns, and coordinating the design, fabrication and construction to realize the full potential of these novel systems. Adohi Hall at the University of Arkansas is the largest mass timber project in the US and represents a pioneering use of mass timber for student residence hall applications. Join the team (architect, code consultant, and mass timber/CLT fabricator) for a discussion of lessons learned throughout the process of design and construction.

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