Ben Hershey

4Ward Solutions Group

Ben Hershey is a dynamic executive leader with more than 30 years of experience in structural wood/metal manufacturing, green products and automotive aftermarket distribution. His experience has been in both public and private companies with both regional and national presence.

Ben Hershey is owner of The 4Ward Group of Companies including; 4Ward Consulting Group, 4Ward Design & Labor Solutions, 4Ward Offsite Solutions and 4Ward Accounting Solutions. Their team of business solution providers and technical designers have more than 150 years of experience in structural wood and metal manufacturing, lumber and building material distribution. He has spent the majority of his career in the structural wood component/modular industry working in companies ranging from supply to manufacturing/distribution. Ben’s experience has been in both public and private companies with both regional and national presence as both an owner and operator of numerous companies including six component/modular and one glu‐laminated company.

Since starting 4Ward, he has worked with numerous groups companies helping them to expand, increase efficiency, start new businesses and mentor new managers in our industry among many other activities. In addition, Ben has worked with several investors from inside and outside the building industry to start new companies or to introduce new building products to the market. Much of the exciting work that 4Ward gets to help companies with is using much of the business intelligence they have to advance new technologies and processes that are new to many companies and groups. Their team is at the forefront of new technologies and working with companies to bring new building techniques to market.

Ben has been very involved in various associations including leadership roles. He served as President of the Structural Building Components Association (WTCA) and as founding President of the Arizona Industries of the Future. Ben served SBCA during a challenging downturn in the housing market and guided the association through member service reductions while at the same time working to increase the role of the SBC Research Institute. His other leadership roles included committee chairmanships in both associations and the Arizona Governors Forest Health Committee. He currently serves on several Board of Directors and Boards of Trustees.

Breakout Presentation Topic:
Automation and robotics are changing the landscape for Construction and Offsite Manufacturing
Automation, robotics and advanced technology are raising the level of productivity, efficiency and precision for builders and manufacturers in North America.Demand for additional housing including affordable housing is increasing across North America, while the availability of skill labor is decreasing rapidly.
Automation and robotics are allowing builders and manufacturers to better address the need to supplement skilled labor while at the same time increasing productivity, quality and a variety of building methods. Whether the solution be panelization or modular, automation is the key to meet the demands of affordable housing, hotels, and office space and drive the industry forward with increased productivity at an affordable cost.
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