BJ Siegel

Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer, Juno

BJ Siegel is an internationally award winning architect with more than 27 years of experience delivering innovative projects around the world. As the Studio Director at the Multi-disciplinary Experience Design Firm, Eight Inc, BJ served as the original concept architect for the first 8 years of the Apple Retail Program. In 2009, he joined Apple Real Estate and Development to lead their Innovation Group. Within 2 years, BJ became the Senior Design Director for all Apple Retail Stores World Wide, directing the program through its Flagship Development and International Expansion. In April of 2019, BJ co-founded Juno, a venture backed PropTech Company, focusing on Designing, Developing, and Delivering urban multifamily housing as a Branded Consumer Product. BJ holds a Master in Architecture from both Tulane University and Yale University and over 40 Design and Utility Patents for the innovative design work at Apple.