Gerry McCaughey


Gerard “Gerry” McCaughey is internationally respected as an authority in the field of off-site construction. Named “Industry Entrepreneur of the Year” by Ernst and Young, McCaughey was a driving force behind Europe’s transition to off-site construction of wood frame homes with modern methods of construction and often confers with leaders around the globe on issues related to home building. Today McCaughey is continuing his disruptive ways as Chairman and CEO of California start-up Entekra, which is changing how homes are built in the United States with its Fully Integrated Off-Site Solution™ – FIOSS™.
In co-founding Entekra in late 2016 and assembling a management team with unmatched experience in off-site construction, McCaughey has set out to replicate in the United States the success he had building the off-site industry in Europe.

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