Kevin Ezard

Frame Australia ‘Timber Offsite Construction’

Kevin Ezard is the owner of ‘Timber Offsite Construction’ conference and exhibition organised by Frame Australia, the only national event for design, manufacture and construction of timber and mass wood offsite building systems. The event is now in its 21st year.

His career started with engineering design in the automotive industry and moved to construction for a wide range of projects in mining and manufacturing.
For a decade he developed local and international markets for structural timber products specialising in structural hardwoods from Australia.
Over the next two decades his marketing consultancy client base was mainly in the timber and building materials sector for prefabrication, timber and building materials, timber production, engineered wood products, manufacturing, distribution, and new technologies.
More recently his consultancy has provided Forest and Wood Products Australia with marketing and investment plans to increase market consumption of wood products.

Breakout Presentation Topic:
Developments in offsite mass wood construction for residential and commercial buildings in Australia