Lisa Podesto

Mass Timber Specialist/ Senior Business Development Manager

In her role as Lendlease’s Timber and Innovation Specialist, Lisa is responsible for developing and executing a regional strategic marketing and development plan pertaining to mass timber solutions for the entire US. She serves as the in-house timber material specialist and design expert and leads West Coast timber construction strategy. She consults with our clients on mass timber solutions, technologies and approvals.

Lisa is considered one of the leading US industry resources for Mass Timber sitting on several industry and professional advisory boards supporting mass timber research and market development for individual research projects and organizations like the Tallwood Design Institute and the Council of Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat. She has published several papers on innovative wood construction and cross laminated timber solutions, including author and peer reviewer for the 2012 US Cross-Laminated Timber Handbook and the Nail Laminated Timber Guide. She participated in the first study exploring the life cycle impacts of structural systems using LCA tools and spearheaded the first live blast testing of CLT.

Prior to her current role, Lisa worked as the Senior Technical Director for the market development and research division of WoodWorks, where she identified issues and presented solutions for mass timber projects across the country, as well as serving as an in-house wood industry expert on fire/life safety, sustainability, mass timber construction, cross-laminated timber and innovative systems. In this role, she became well versed with the full catalog of project goals and challenges relating to a variety of timber project types allowing her to successfully develop and launch market development plans for mass timber nationwide.

Lisa has been an active member in local and national engineering organizations, including American Society of Civil Engineers Structural Engineering Institute, the Structural Engineers Association of California and the CALGreen Code Development group. She is the rotating Chair of both the state and regional chapter of the Structural Engineers Association of California’s Sustainable Design Committees.

Breakout Presentation Topic:
Exploring Planning Complexities of Mass Timber for Residential Projects
Design and cost planning for a new structural typology without having years of actual examples and project pricing data is a challenge. However, understanding where the pinch points are can go a long way in reducing risk and heavy contingency. This presentation will highlight the code restrictions that impact design flexibility and create detailing challenges as well as the manufacturing limitations and installation complexities that further impact cost and design opportunities. 
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