Patrick Chouinard

Founder and VP of Business Development

Patrick’s specialty lies in the ability to orchestrate mass timber solutions together with a consortium of the industry’s best, wood-friendly professional service providers – from Structural Engineers, Cost Consultants, Code, Fire, Acoustic, Building Envelope and Green Building Consultants, through Specifiers, Insurance companies and General Contractors with experience in mass timber. Patrick’s experience in the wood industry is the driving force behind a company capable of providing integrated solutions that combine access to exceptional-quality wood products and a complete range of services to successfully execute timber construction projects on a large scale.

Breakout Presentation Topic:
Mass Timber: Why the Sudden Increase in Demand?
There are many factors driving demand for mass timber. Among them are the availability of new products and technologies, a growing understanding of how to design in mass timber, a greater focus on delivering optimized buildings that perform across multiple values beyond simply cost and schedule (e.g. energy efficiency, occupant comfort, social impact), and new customer and government requirements for more sustainable development.
Patrick will discuss how the industry is changing, from a simple supply model to one where mass timber fabricators are solutions providers, engaged earlier in the project development process to help clients optimize their buildings for efficient mass timber construction. He will offer insights into the ‘sweet spot’ for mass timber opportunities in North America, outlining key building typologies best suited to prefabricated mass timber construction.
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