Peggi Clouston

Professor of Wood Mechanics and Timber Engineering,
OrUniversity of Massachusetts Amherst

Peggi Clouston has been working in the field of wood mechanics and timber engineering for 30 years. As a Professor at the University of Massachusetts (UMass), she teaches structural timber design, bio-based composites and material mechanics/tectonics to architects, engineers, and construction technologists. Author of more than 80 publications, she conducts research on the structural behavior and efficient use of bio-based composite materials. Current research topics include: cross-laminated timber panels from low-value eastern species, timber-concrete composite floor systems, laminated veneer bamboo connections, and computational modeling of structural bio-based composites. Dr. Clouston has been a registered professional engineer (APEG) since 1992. She is Associate Editor of the ASCE Journal of Materials in Civil Engineering and serves on numerous US Federal peer review panels and committees.