Rainer Strauch

Managing Director & CTO

Rainer Strauch is an experienced construction engineer, certified passive house designer (PHI) and accredited sustainable building auditor (DGNB). He worked with several companies in planning and construction management, before he joined the LCT (“LifeCycle Tower”) research and development team, which was later established as CREE (by Rhomberg). At CREE, Rainer has developed the LCT timber-hybrid system, which then became the basis for CREE’s prototype building (the LCT ONE), and many more. Being the CTO of CREE, Rainer heads their technical operations, international know-how transfer and licensed partner consulting support. Just recently, he became CREE’s managing director.

Breakout Presentation Topic:
The Future of Building has Begun: How the CREE System & Platform Enables the Industry to Integrate, Collaborate and Digitize.
CREE is an international technology and consultancy firm, dedicated to sustainable and healthy buildings using prefabricated timber-based components. Their unique hybrid approach revolutionizes the construction industry. CREE’s technology has been used in several international landmark projects, which come with incredible speed of erection, highest quality and cost transparency, and they provide healthy and attractive spaces. 

In order to meet the constantly growing demand, CREE had introduced an international licensing system. Right now, partners from nine countries are planning and building with our revolutionary knowhow. 

For the handling of all those partner projects, data and new information, we have started an inhouse-developed cloud-based infrastructure. The CREE platform enables unlimited collaboration, knowhow transfer, transactions via easy matchmaking and digital supply chains, and finally holds all the knowledge on future-fit prefabricated timber-based construction that comes with every new project designed and built. That said, the CREE platform is not limited to CREE products but open to any industry-changing activity. It is built on trust and transparency, integration and collaboration, and makes use of the industry’s immanent need to digitize. 

The presentation will give insight into the CREE technology and processes, provide stunning examples of CREE buildings and, most importantly, introduces the benefits of platform thinking to everyone who wants to join.

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