Professor Robert Hairstans

Robert Hairstans

Director of the Centre for Advanced Timber Technology (CATT) – New Model Institute for Technology and Engineering (NMITE)

Robert is an accomplished collaborator working extensively with industry and external stakeholders to accelerate change in construction delivery. He believes research, innovation, commercialisation and education should act in concert if we are to accelerate the use of industrialised timber construction for the delivery of the built environment given the climate emergency.

He leads research, innovation and knowledge exchange activities in order to deliver construction technologies for tomorrow’s communities within a circular economy. His specialist knowledge is in the field of timber technologies and engineering and he has spent his career adding value to the timber supply chain with an emphasis on engineered timber products and offsite construction. To enable the uptake of these technologies he has endeavoured to transfer this knowledge by innovatively improving pathways for upskilling, instigating cooperative start-ups for knowledge sharing, conducting international knowledge exchanges and publishing extensively in journals, books and conference proceedings and via other mediums including public exhibitions. His most recent publication is the 2nd edition of his book “Off-site and industrialised timber construction” via TRADA.